COVID-19 Office Protocols

New people

You and I will meet outside the building before our first session. For everyone’s safety, I will take you to my office to reduce your exposure to other people in the building.

Returning people

Please come on time to the office building. Please wait outside until it is time to come in and then come directly to my room. Come straight in if the door is open. Knock on the door if it is closed and I will open it.

Office-building protocol

Please wear a mask when in the building in the common areas. I will supply a mask if you do not have one. Call me if you need me to come down to the front door with a mask for you.

Counselling-office protocol

Socially distancing is required at all times including coming and leaving the room. When in the room and seated there is a minimum of 2 meters between our chairs.

We will decide together on whether to wear a mask while seated.

Please use hand sanitizer, which I provide, when you come in for your and other people’s safety.


Stay home if you feel unwell or if in doubt of wellness or if you have travelled abroad in the past 14 days!

Please call me to tell me if you’re not coming!

Late cancellation charges for feeling unwell are waived at this time